These are different times we are living in. The Covid-19 pandemic has been unprecedented in its impact and coaches and coaching like many other professions have been severely affected in so many ways. Despite this, our coaches have remained resolute and resilient. They have picked up new skills especially digital skills, and adapted to the challenges. Some have developed innovative coaching methods and thrived.

I likened our coaches’ response to the pandemic to the same coaching process that we put our athletes and teams through all the time. We coach and prepare them to face the uncertainties of the competition, to adapt and respond to the opponents’ changing tactics, and to triumph over adversity. At the peak of the pandemic, we too responded by running numerous webinars and e-workshops all of which received overwhelming responses, demonstrating our coaches’ thirst for continuous learning and upskilling.

Mohammed Azhar Yusof

Encouraged by this response, we pushed through our planning for this fourth edition and first ever CoachSG Virtual Conference 2020. The theme “Think Global, ACT Local” is most definitely apt given the current climate. It is a call to ACTion and for coaches to Adapt to change and Thrive despite the emerging challenges. To Create new opportunities and Challenge existing boundaries. And to Transform the coaching industry and sporting ecosystem through constant innovation.

I am very pleased to announce that we have lined up renowned and inspiring keynote speakers and a host of engaging expert presenters in multiple breakout sessions in a specially curated programme with the strands of Sport Leadership, Coaching Pedagogy and Sport Science. Coupled with a truly immersive online platform, I believe that the programme will most certainly excite, engage and educate all of us.
I wish you a wonderful three days of learning and interacting as we strive to coach better every day and positively shape the future of Singapore through sport.


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Mohammed Azhar Yusof
Head, CoachSG
Singapore Sport Institute
Sport Singapore