Conference Themes

Theme A – Sport Science & Technology (S&T)
In order to optimize performance, leading-edge science coupled with technological advancements can be leveraged through practical applications of training and data analytics via a multi-disciplinary approach in coaching. Topics and questions that include sport analytics, modern day coaching paradigms and accessible technology will be examined.

  • Sports psychology
  • Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Accessible Technology

Theme B – Pedagogy & Leadership (P&L)
A #CoachAsLeader possesses technical, tactical and leadership competencies to influence athletes and teams to achieve positive results on and off the field. Besides developing champions in sport through progressive and appropriate pedagogical practices, the #CoachAsLeader also impart life lessons through sport to nurture better individuals for the future. Some of the areas we may look into include planning an appropriate program that develops fundamental movement skills, effective feedback methods and how to become a nurturing communicator.

  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Values Inculcation
  • Inclusivity
  • Team-Building
  • Reflective Practices
  • Non-linear Pedagogy

Theme C – Future-Ready Singapore (FRS)
In the multi-faceted and increasing demands of the sporting landscape, the role of a coach needs to not only address current challenges but pre-empt future needs. A coach needs be able to manage polarities in the coaching eco-system and possess the sensibilities to appreciate how global trends in sport can be contextualized locally. This requires a mindset shift to manage tensions masquerading as problems to reframe them as opportunities. Possible questions examined include:

  • What aspects of personal development do coaches need to look into to be future-ready?
  • What are prominent global trends and challenges in sport coaching and how are they relevant to Singaporean coaches?
  • What is distinct and significant about our (Singaporean) sporting landscape?
  • Understanding our school sports ecosystem.