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DAY 3: Keynote 3 Synopsis | 9.30am – 10:30am

DAY 3: Breakout Session Synopsis | 10.45am – 12.15pm

DAY 3: Human Library Synopsis | 2.30pm – 4.00pm

Genre: Sporting Parents Human Books
Genre: Sport Administrators Human Books
Genre: Sport Coaches & Educators
Genre: Athletes


The Human Library concept is a global movement aimed at facilitating authentic, open and honest conversations between individuals and communities, and has also been recognised as a platform that facilitates inclusiveness and diversity with the fundamental intention of nurturing empathy and understanding between different groups and individuals within society. It is meant to be a safe space for dialogue where we give you the opportunity to unjudged someone, see his or her unique point of view and gain a deeper appreciation of their lived experiences. Borrow human books that you generally wouldn’t get a chance to read. Meet famous athletes from the Singapore's past (C Kunalan and Theresa Goh) and present, highly experienced sports administrators and local personalities like Mark Richmond who has been in the sporting scene in so many different capacities and is now nurturing his son to be shining star in sports. Every book has a unique story to tell. Come with a question, leave with many stories. Please see the short videos below for an insight into this exciting concept.

Genre: Sporting Parents Human Books

Topic: How parents can collaborate effectively with coaches for their child's success

Ms. Vera Ong

Vera started her journey as a tennis mom when her son Ethan showed an unusually intense and sustained interest in tennis from a young age of 2. Through the years, she has looked for ways and opportunities to guide and support him through his desire to reach the highest echelons in the sport. Some 17 years and two relocations later, Vera is keen to exchange and share ideas, learning points, and experiences with others on the same journey about what it takes to parent a competitive child and of the importance of a healthy tripartite relationship among coach-parent-athlete.

Mr. Mark Richmond

Mark has been the voice of Singapore sport for the best part of the last 3 decades. He has been at the helm of 7 Olympic Games from 1992, 6 Asian Games and 15 SEA Games. He has aso commentated on over 1000 football matches and called on worldwide events from football to swimming and athletics. He is also a parent of 13 year old Sol who is a member of the national junior golf team. Mark will humbly share all his missteps as a father and the importance of differentiating between father and coach.

"Parenthood is like sport. You can prepare as much as possible for it but the main event will always throw up things that you never thought through. And you have to improvise."

Genre: Sport Administrators Human Books

Topic: Systems/Polices implemented to encourage coaching success

Mr. Matthew Wylde

Matthew was originally from the UK but have called Singapore home since 2007. He has over 12 years of experience as a Sport Scientist and Sport Administrator. He is currently a PhD candidate exploring how wearable technology can help improve training for youth athletes. He is committed to driving innovation in youth athlete development and is currently Head, Performance Pathways & Youth Coaching at NYSI.

Mr. Richard Lian

Richard Lian has been a Physical Education teacher for the last 36 years. He started the softball CCA in Geylang Methodist Secondary School in 1988 and grew the team to achieve top placings in the National School Games Zonal and National competitions. He is currently the Head of Department for CCA/PE in St. Hilda's Secondary School where he helped to develop the school's Learn for Life programme to develop a whole person through sports and outdoor education. He believes strongly that sports and outdoor education is a good platform to inculcate positive character and has been actively working with CoachSG to develop a positive sports culture and experience in the school’s Sports CCAs.

Ms. Teo Siew Lan

Ms Teo Siew Lan is a senior PE teacher at SHSS and has been coaching the volleyball team to numerous Zonal and National titles for many years. As much as she wants the players to succeed on the court, Siew Lan strongly believes that character development comes before any wins. She was also assistant coach for Youth Olympic Women's team (2010), SEA Games Men's team (2015) and Head Coach of ASEAN School Boys' Team (2016 to 2019).

Genre: Sport Coaches & Educators

Topic: Prospects in sport education

Mr. Hanif Abdul Rahman
Unabridged, Uncut, Unending

A former national rugby player, international referee, Singapore Schools coach, and inductee of the Singapore Olympic Academy Roll of Honour, Hanif is currently the Principal Master Teacher at MOE PE and Sports Teacher Academy (PESTA). Still in MOE teaching service after more than 20 years, he now conducts workshops, runs consultations, facilitates networked learning, does research, as well as conceptualises continual professional development needs of the various profiles of PE teachers in Singapore. With a personal professional philosophy to engage and create, he seeks to understand the needs of teachers and students, before collaboratively creating possibilities and empowerment for teachers to effect positive student outcomes in PE and school sports.

Dr. Koh Koon Teck
LIVE Ordinary, ACT Extra-ordinary: A Personal Journey

I have enjoyed playing basketball since I was young and the love for this sport continues even up till today. What started as a spark of interest has grown into my passion. Basketball has not only cultivated many life values in me, but it has also shaped my life in many ways. As a player, a coach, a coach developer, and a sports scientist, basketball has helped an ordinary person like me achieve extra-ordinary milestones. This journey will go on.

Genre: Athletes

Topic: Harnessing the local sport system from school to national representation

Ms. Theresa Goh
I Can and I Wheel

Theresa Goh is a former Paralympian with 20 years of experience under her belt. Having been to Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012 and finally medalling at Rio 2016. What kept her on her path to eventual success and what beliefs does she hold close to her in making in impact on this earth. She has described herself as an open book, come with an open mind and let’s dig a little deeper.

Mr. C.Kunalan
Sprinting Into History

"I started Athletics in 1963 at the age of 21. Though I missed the Asian Games Gold in 1966, I am till this day so grateful for the support I received from everyone concerned – the Ministry of Education, The SNOC, the SAAA, my wife Chong Yoong Yin a fellow sprinter, all the teachers I worked with in the two schools I taught, and my team mates and our coach Tan Eng Yoon."

Mr. Kalai Vanen
Life's For Living

Kalai made his debut at the 8th Asean Para Games at the tender age of 56, after only 10 months of training in the sport of parapowerlifting, winning himself a bronze medal with a 140kg lift.

Defying odds, in a sport where age and experience were critical factors, he went on to compete with men half his age in several international competition, the biggest being the 21st Commonwealth Games.

'I can't' has never been in his psyche. It has always been 'let me figure this out and give it a shot'.

His approach to challenges is one of respect but not fear. It has always been a battle of I, me against myself!